Tech GIANTS are invading San Francisco and the world, displacing people, changing the culture, and causing economic and political turmoil. These giants are controlling our lives without our knowledge or consent. How do these giants manage us for money, power, and control?  Is there a way out of their clutches?  Will we all soon be working for them and following their orders?


We are being monitored and led through life via our social media interaction.  Shadowy forces have control of us and are making life decisions for us.  Giant companies know more about us than we will ever know about ourselves . . . and they don’t care anything about us other than controlling us for profit.  They already tell us what to buy, what to think, who to vote for, what to like or hate, and who is right or wrong . . . and we don’t even understand how they do it.


Among these new Giants of Iniquity are Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Apple and countless other entities taking over our lives, creating a drunken stupor of irresponsibility and limitless growth. We can’t stop them; others can’t take them out. Governments have not been able to slow their domination.  What options do we have?  


A new novel, Giants of Iniquity: a San Francisco Omen, explores these unprecedented social dynamics. Issues such as homelessness, inequality, political extremism, and militant political correctness span headlines. San Francisco’s reputation, which had been one of freedom of expression, has become one of intolerance and extremism. The novel explores what happens in an alternate-reality narrative as this disparity of extremes escalates.


The novel does not provide answers to these open questions, but sheds light on them through hyperbole and sarcasm. The story about life in the Tenderloin and Financial District is a fast, easy, and entertaining read. It takes an odd turn to the paranormal when vortex lights appear over Nob Hill. The incident unifies the city in wonder and anticipation for something greater as visitors appear with all the answers. The new leadership solves San Francisco’s problems in quick succession. They don’t hesitate to follow dangerous historical totalitarian precedents to get things done. The passive, weak San Franciscans provide the perfect breeding ground for the giants by welcoming and providing protection and sanctuary for all the unsavory. 

This novel is a wake-up call about what is happening to our freedoms, privacy, and control over our lives. The novel leaves the readers asking, “Are we repeating the lessons we should have learned from history?” “Are we self-deceived?” “Where are we spiritually?” “Where is our culture headed?”

Giants of Iniquity brings the excitement and intrigue of paranormal discovery together with a supernatural battle between spiritual forces in an age of advanced technology and cultural shifting. Its satirical theories explain mysteries of heaven and earth.


Due for release in eBook and paperback on November 4, the eBook can now be pre-ordered on Amazon: